When Homosexuality Hits Home for the Holidays

A father hugging his son

"Peace on earth, goodwill toward men."

Christmas is right around the corner and you're making plans to bring the whole family gathered together to celebrate. Yet peace and goodwill are anything but certain. You just learned:

  • Your brother comes home a day early for the family gathering and privately announces, "I'm gay," or
  • Your daughter comes home from her Christian college and says she's joined a gay-straight alliance, or
  • Your middle-school aged son wants to go with his friend to his family's "progressive" church for Christmas service; however, the church just announced it believes homosexuality is not a sin; or
  • Your uncle announced he's bringing his same-sex partner to the family dinner.

How should you, a Christ-follower, respond?

Focus on the Family  receives dozens of calls and letters every month — especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons — from pastors, parents, grandparents and friends, who're facing similar scenarios when the hot-button issue of homosexuality hits home.

Whether you're in "triage mode" or seeking to share with someone your Christian worldview, Focus on the Family has practical and biblically based resources to help navigate this extra stress — and respond with grace, clarity and truth!

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