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Derek Carter

Derek Carter is the Foster Care and Adoption Manager at Focus on the Family.

Samuel the Prophet Hero photo. Woman with Bible in hand beside article title text.

Samuel the Prophet: An Adoption Story

The story of Samuel the prophet gives an excellent example to how beneficial foster care and adoption can be to the body of Christ.

"Unwanted" Children and abortion

“Unwanted” Children, Foster Care and Abortion

Abortion. Foster Care. Words that stir emotions and controversy. With the end of Roe last year, a misconception has risen to the surface in our society attempting to link abortion and foster care. There is a false notion that abortion will prevent unwa …

Photo of an adoptive family and how to adopt a family for christmas

How to Adopt a Family for Christmas

The Christmas season is about giving. There’s a tug on our heartstrings when the pastor asks us to buy a gift for a child that is less fortunate or adopt a family for Christmas. Maybe the child in that family is in an out-of-home placement, and their w …