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Troy Griepentrog

Troy Griepentrog is the Digital Content Manager for the Marriage team at Focus on the Family.

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The Best Christian Marriage Books

You can encourage connection and conflict resolution by suggesting Christian marriage books to someone who’s struggling in their marriage.


Struggling in Marriage With a Child Who Has Special Needs

Lots of couples can’t cope with the stress of having a child with special needs and they eventually divorce. Here’s some guidance on how to make a marriage strong enough to last.

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Unity in Marriage — Devotional for Couples

Spiritual unity with your spouse can strengthen your marriage. But the ultimate reason to work toward unity is that it shows the world God’s love.

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Coronavirus Quarantine: Grow Closer to Your Spouse

Whether you’ll be at home with your spouse for two weeks or two months, your attitude and approach can make all the difference. Here are some guidelines for the most positive experience, in spite of the stressful situation.


If Your Spouse Can’t Have Sex, How Do You Keep Your Marriage Strong?

You think about it a lot. You want it. You’re ready for it. But when you ask for it and your spouse turns you down, you feel rejected, hurt or humiliated. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get it, but you shouldn’t do without it if you’re marr …


Should You Be Giving up Sex for Lent — Or Any Other Time?

As Christian couples consider spiritual discipline over physical preferences, is there any benefit — spiritual or otherwise — in giving up sex for Lent?

Woman looking at man during a conversation of faith

Faith Conversation: Earnest Love

Wholehearted love can be recognized by the forgiveness — the covering of sins — that’s freely shared. When you earnestly love your spouse, you help foster grace and forgiveness in your marriage.

Jason Brown: From the NFL to Farming

From the football fields to the sweet potato fields, Jason Brown talks candidly about God’s directive for him to quit the NFL and farm for the poor in North Carolina.

Husband and wife making happy faces to their son

Mark Schultz: Finding Harmony

Read how musician and Dove Award winner Mark Schultz learned to be a better husband by studying his wife, understanding her love language, serving her — and watching her dad.