Focus on the Family

Choosing a Religious Home

Helpful tips for finding a church

Determine What You’re Looking For

Solid biblical teaching is a must when deciding which church to attend. After that, consider what other characteristics you’re looking for in a church or other spiritual community (check all that apply):

___ positive spiritual, moral and social training for my child

___ a broader network of potential friends in my community

___ local resources to strengthen my marriage

___ local resources to enrich our family

___ pastoral encouragement and support

___ opportunities for service

What else are you looking for?

What would you say are the two most important things you’re looking for?

Decide What Options to Pursue

  1. Do you have a strong preference for a particular size of church? If you decide to attend a large congregation, you’ll find a wide variety of family-friendly resources. If you’d rather attend a smaller church, you’ll still enjoy a number of benefits.
  2. Are you ready to look for a list of specific churches near your home? You’ll find a wide assortment listed online. Prayerfully select three or four to visit. Set up a rotating schedule that will allow you to visit each church twice over the next two months. Call ahead to confirm what time each church holds services. On your first visit, be sure to fill out a visitor’s card. Request information about the church’s children’s programs. Pick up a welcome packet of information, if offered.
  3. After visiting several churches near your home, review your list of religious wishes and your religious preferences. Then talk with your spouse (and older child) to determine whether you want to continue attending one of the churches you’ve visited. If not, repeat step #3 above with a new list of three or four other churches near your home.
  4. If the new church you’re attending feels different from the church(es) you attended in the past, that’s okay. It can take a year or longer for a new church to feel like your home church.
  5. Once you decide to join the church you’ve been attending, plant your family’s roots deeply into it. How? Make a commitment to your church. Speak well of your church. Find a way to serve within your church. Give financially to support its programs. Meet the physical needs of others. Show hospitality to others.
  6. Let us know what you decide. We’d love to hear your story!

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