How Do I Share My Faith?

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It was a cramped international flight – our destination, Costa Rica. The young woman came stumbling down the narrow aisle with her bags in tow. After stowing her suitcase in the overhead bin, she squeezed into the seat next to mine, heaving an anxious sigh as she buckled herself in. As so often happens when people are thrown together in such close quarters, friendly introductions were exchanged. Within minutes we were engaged in friendly conversation. She seemed relieved to have someone to talk to.

She explained that she was from New York, on her way to Costa Rica to stay with people she didn’t know; a friend had arranged the visit so she could spend a week in that country. Now that she was on the final leg of her trip, her anxiety was growing. As the plane taxied down the runway, she queried me about airplane travel, about Costa Rica, about how to go through immigration, and what she could expect of the culture and people when she arrived.

I was sure the Lord had put us together so I could help her. I had been to Costa Rica several times. After I answered her questions and calmed her fears, she asked what kind of work I do.

“I’m an author, on my way to Costa Rica to see some of my friends,” I explained. “I write about my adventures with the Lord.” That piqued her curiosity. More questions followed and I shared about my faith, how the Lord has worked in my life, using me to help further His Kingdom through international missions. Finally she asked, “How can you know the Lord is with you?”

Great! I had hoped she’d pop the “big” question. We had a marvelous opportunity to talk about the Lord, and I then had the privilege of praying with her right there on the plane.

This encounter and many others like it with “strangers” have taught me that life is full of opportunities to witness. I look forward to strangers sitting next to me on planes. I even enjoy it when sales people come to my house. It’s surprising how easily people are led into conversations about deep spiritual issues. I think it’s an indication of just how thirsty people are for God’s truth. I welcome the opportunity to share the Good News and pray daily that God will use me to bring people closer to Him. I’m certain these casual, everyday encounters are actually Divine appointments, planned by the Master of the universe. I encourage you to be open to similar opportunities to share your faith with others. What a joy to be used by Him!

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