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Wants to Advocate for Sanctity of Human Life

How can I become more actively involved in promoting a broader awareness of the sanctity of human life? I have a strong desire to take a stand in defense of innocent preborn children. Any suggestions or recommendations?

Thanks for asking! This is an area where there’s a desperate need for more people like you to step up and make their voices heard.

For encouragement, ideas, and material designed to help you fulfill this high calling, we recommend that you visit our Pro-Life page. We have a number of tools, including our free downloadable booklet, “The Dignity and Sanctity of Every Human Life.” And you can find more resources below.

Thank you for your efforts to build a more life-affirming culture!


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The Dignity and Sanctity of Every Human Life

The Dignity of Human Life

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Pro-Life Advocacy & Encouragement (resource list)

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