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By Heather Drabinsky
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Close-up of husband and wife holding hands coping with miscarriage
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Here are some resources to help you navigate through the grief of coping with miscarriage and look hopeful to the future.

Hope After Loss

Are you coping with the pain and grief of a miscarriage? Here are some resources to help you navigate the sorrow and look toward the future with hope.

5 Ways to Love Your Wife After a Miscarriage

Losing a child, even before they’re born, is truly tragic. But after a miscarriage, you can love your wife well through the pain, and your marriage will likely grow deeper and your faith can grow stronger.

Loving Your Husband Post Miscarriage

Your husband may not grieve the same way as you after losing a baby. Here are some tips for loving him while coping with miscarriage.

Dealing With the Pain of Miscarriage

Some couples wonder if it’s normal to experience deep grief after the unexpected termination of a pregnancy. But when a pregnancy ends in miscarriage, a woman and her husband usually go through a variety of turbulent emotions. For complete healing to occur, they need to give and receive permission to grieve and acknowledge their loss.

Moving Forward After a Miscarriage or Stillbirth: Healing Your Broken Heart

When you lose a baby during pregnancy, accepting the fact that you’re not going to bring your baby home can seem unbearable. While coping with miscarriage isn’t an easy road, there are ways to heal you and your spouse’s grieving hearts. This article contains four excerpts that can help you move forward in the grieving process.

Shepherding Families Who Are Walking Through Miscarriage

Brittany and her husband were already going through the most challenging season of their lives and having another baby wasn’t on the radar. But when they found out they were expecting, hope flooded into their lives like a ray of sunshine. Five weeks later, at Brittany’s second ultrasound, no heartbeat was found. It was a gripping pain she had never experienced. In the midst of the grief, the sweetest comfort she found was knowing that her baby was with Jesus. This article offers some advice to help you journey forward with your spouse and bring comfort to your souls.

Crisis: A Pivotal Point in Marriage

Crises, such as miscarriages, can stress marriages. This article includes ways to draw closer to your spouse even during a crisis.

Grieving, Healing, and Hoping After Miscarriage

Writer and speaker Adriel Booker shares her experiences with pregnancy loss, having miscarried four times. She describes how her faith has sustained and comforted her through the pain and offers encouragement to families walking a similar path of grief.

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Learn How to Cherish your Spouse and Have a Deeper Connection

Do you cherish your spouse? Couples who cherish each other understand that God created everyone different, and as a result they treasure the unique characteristics in their spouse. We want to help you do just that. Start the free five-part video course called, “Cherish Your Spouse”, and gain a deeper level of connection with your spouse.

Book Cover: Aftershock A Plan for Recovery

Aftershock: Overcoming His Secret Life with Pornography: A Plan for Recovery

This book is for women who have discovered their husband’s struggle with pornography and other sexual infidelities. Based on biblical principles and psychologically sound advice, Aftershock is designed to help women heal, grow, and receive restoration for themselves, their husbands, and their marriages.
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