Joannie DeBrito, Ph.D., LCSW, LMFT

As the current Director of Parenting and Youth at Focus on the Family, Joannie DeBrito draws from over 30 years of diverse experience as a parent educator, family life educator, school social worker, administrator and licensed mental health professional.

Holiday Stress Between Parents and Young Adults

Holiday stress between parents and young adult children may occur when both parties have different expectations about the holidays. But that stress can be relieved.

dad and kids

Dads Parent Differently Than Moms

Moms: Stop, pause and observe to see how a father’s unique contributions to parenting will benefit his children.

Are You Responsible for Your Child’s Bad Behavior?

Does your child misbehave in a way that can be traced back to something you do? Is your teen’s rebellious attitude similar to yours? Your kids’ behavior isn’t your fault, but sometimes it means you have work to do.

Do You Feel Depressed After the Holidays?

Do you get the after-holiday “blahs”? Here are some ideas to help you get back to feeling like your normal self.

Truth From the Bible for Cutters: When Feelings for Self-Harm Are Strong

Self-harm is an attempt to find relief from emotional distress. Here is what the Bible offers parents to help their kids who are cutting.

Age-Appropriate Grandparenting

A refresher on kids’ ages and stages.

Helping to Care for Grandkids?

Participating in caring for grandkids is a gift and a privilege. With careful planning, it represents an unprecedented opportunity to make a lasting, positive impression in their lives.

A father comforting a daughter

Parenting a Child Affected by a Traumatic Incident

I was a first responder lending mental health support to kids rescued from Columbine High School. So when I hear of the latest school shooting, I feel sickened that another community has to cope with the aftermath.

dad talking to his son

Parenting Emerging Adults: Boundaries and Limits

Navigating a role shift when adult children move back home.

parentings talking with their son

Parenting Emerging Adults: Adaptability

Adaptability is a big part of helping older children “leave the nest” well.

When Mothers and Grandmothers Parent Children Together

Some mothers coparent their kids with their own mothers. Through cooperation, these women can encourage healthy development in their children and grandchildren.