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Thomas Jeffries

A photo of Lori and Natalie in a park.

Dreaming of Motherhood

Lorie had given up on her desire to be a parent, but that was before she met Natalie.

Photos of Shawn and Jayneen Scheffler; they wondered if their marriage was without hope

A Marriage Without Hope? Or Could It Be Saved

One couple thought divorce was inevitable. Enter Hope Restored

A Marriage Worth Saving?

Two wounded souls discover what it takes to restore a relationship in ruins

Family of seven sitting on porch steps

Room for More

Blair was already overwhelmed with two young children, but the story of an abandoned little girl made her rethink everything

A Tale of Hope

With no parents to depend on, a teenage boy refuses to let his family fall apart

A Desperate Prayer

When Kymberlee made a stand for life, she faced a scary and uncertain future

Benjamin Watson: an NFL Voice for Life and Justice

This 14-year football pro stands up for racial reconciliation and the sanctity of life

Stephanie with Adventures in Odyssey Characters

Stephanie’s Odyssey

Her life had descended into a haze of addiction, until a young customer rekindled some long-forgotten memories

Kendra and her daughter, Lyelia (Howard Photo + Film)

Desperate for Love

Kendra was searching for affirmation … in all the wrong places

A Marriage Beyond Hope?

An ill child, a bankruptcy and  a parent’s death put pressure on Erik and Kelley Shamblin’s marriage. An affair made things worse. With the help of intensive counseling, the couple is making it.

Choosing Life: Changed by a Heartbeat

Her mind was made up — until she saw the ultrasound image.

A Marriage on the Brink

The storms of life had her marriage at risk for divorce, but a timely broadcast showed Barbara a love she’d never known

A Life-Changing Commute

Climbing the corporate ladder jeopardized Darin and Jennifer’s marriage, but then a friend suggested that Darin listen to the Focus on the Family radio broadcast. Slowly Darin’s heart was changed.

African-American couple holding their young child

Building Houses, Building Families

Young readers helped realize God’s plan for Rwandan orphans.

21 Martyrs

They were our Egyptian brothers in Christ, martyred for their faith. Their families must not be forgotten.

From Pen Pals to Friends

Two girls formed a bond that spanned the miles — a bond that knew no bounds when one girl fell ill. Their friendship, a connection started through Clubhouse’s pen pal program, became a godsend for their families when crisis hit.

Dixie’s Decision

A young woman sees an undeniable image of life and makes a choice that will change her life forever.

A Marriage Restored

One couple learned to restore the joy in their relationship with a visit to the National Institute of Marriage.

Becky’s Secret

A young mother finds the support she needs to heal from a past abortion.

Success Begins at Home

Teachers and tutors do their best, but involved parents can make all the difference in a student’s success.

A Boundless Romance

Thanks to a young couple discovers online inspiration to help guide their relationship.