Teach Your Children How to Make Their Own Beds

A young girl places a blanket over her dolls in a doll bed
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One of the first chores that young children can learn is how to make their own bed. Here are some ideas that other parents have used to teach this chore:

Make the Bed

Draw a quilt with 30 patches. Each time your child makes her bed, let her color a patch. The goal is to complete the quilt. In the same way, you can motivate your kids to pick up their toys. Draw a toy chest and cut out 30 pictures of toys from advertisements or magazines. If your child picks up his toys at the end of the day, let him glue a picture in the toy box. The goal is to fill the chest.

— Jennifer Bussey

Teaching Your Child to Make Her Bed

When my oldest daughter, Esther, was 4, I taught her to make her bed for her doll. After placing the doll in the bed, we would read the doll a story, and the doll would "fall asleep." Once the doll "woke up," Esther would pretend to feed her.

When her sister turned 4, Esther introduced the game to her. Sarah was excited to do what her big sister did, and she quickly learned to make her bed, too.

—Lois Maina

Making His Bed

It sounds simple, but when teaching my 3-year-old how to make the bed, I would tell him to find the corners of the sheets and blankets and match them to the corners on the bed. This direction helped him because he didn’t feel like he was doing a chore but solving a puzzle.

—Evie Palmer

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