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Summer Adventure Kits

Are you looking for ways to spend time with your kids this summer, even as you both grow in faith and knowledge of the Bible?

Looking for ways to cultivate your child’s faith… and have fun at the same time? Every summer, the editors of Focus on the Family magazine create a new faith-filled adventure kit for families. These kits are filled with activities and lessons that will grow your child’s knowledge of God’s word and His work in our world. You can download any of the adventure kits below:

Agents of Truth

Whether from classmates, neighbors or culture, kids often hear difficult questions that pose a challenge to their faith:

  • Why can’t we ever hear God?
  • Isn’t the Bible filled with contradictions?
  • Why do we believe Jesus really rose from the dead?

In this summer adventure kit, your kids will embark on a series of secret agent missions that will help them have a ready defense for the big questions aimed at the Christian faith.

Download Agents of Truth
bible detectives
Download Bible Detectives

Bible Detectives

The Bible Detectives adventure kit will challenge your kids’ problem-solving skills while improving their Bible literacy. Bible Detectives is filled with 26 kid-friendly mysteries as well as case files for two dozen interesting characters.

Investigate the scene. Study the suspects. Then crack the case. 

World Explorers

Take an epic journey around the world with your whole family and learn more about the people in different countries on six different continents. Download the FREE “World Explorers” map, travel guide, passport and country stamps. Use the travel guide to read the clues for each destination. Then enjoy the activities, games or interesting facts about each amazing country.

Download World Explorers
Download Summerific Faith Adventures

SUMMERrific Faith Adventures

SUMMERrific Faith Adventures is filled with cards giving fun ideas for summer activities to do with your kids. Read the Scripture, do the activity together and enjoy a teachable faith moment during the warmth and rest of summer.

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