How to Join the Pro-Life Movement

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Joining in the Pro-Life Movement starts with strengthening yourself in the cause and then working to support and empower others.

Joining in the Pro-Life Movement and becoming a voice for the preborn is easier than you think! It starts with strengthening yourself in the pro-life cause and then working to support and empower others. 

The journey to becoming a powerful pro-life advocate can be summarized in 5 simple steps:

1. Learning

Educate yourself on the truths and lies of abortion through our See Life resources.

2. Praying

Fervently pray for a reawakening to the sanctity of every human life.

3. Supporting

Join the health-affirming work of pro-life pregnancy resource centers.

4. Encouraging

Help your church, community, and nation to embrace and promote pro-life values.

5. Sharing

Share pro-life values with family, friends, and neighbors with grace and conviction.

See Life Resources

If you missed our See Life 2020 premiere livestream, you still have a chance to join us in the pro-life movement as we #LoveEveryHeartbeat. The See Life event is now available on demand! 

See Life 2020 Speakers & Artists

  • Jeanne Mancini – Host, March for Life
  • Ben Watson – Host, Athlete & Activist
  • Mike Singletary, NFL Great
  • Lila Rose, Live Action 
  • Alveda King, Civil Rights Leader
  • Candace Owens, Political Activist
  • Abby Johnson, Pro-life Activist
  • Melissa Ohden, Abortion Survivor
  • Christina Bennett, Family Institute
  • Jim Daly, Focus on the Family 
  • Greg Smalley, Focus on the Family
  • Phil Stacey, Recording Artist
  • Selah, Recording Artist
  • Phil King, Recording Artist
  • Danny Gokey, Recording Artist
  • Meredith Andrews, Recording Artist

The Pro-Life Prayer Guide

The Pro-Life Movement faces heavy opposition. This opposition is powerful and well-connected. We need prayer, and we need God’s power to invoke change. 1 Corinthians 1:27 says, “God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.”

So please join Focus on the Family’s 7 Days of Pro-Life Prayer.


Pray for women who are struggling right now with the decision to abort their preborn babies.

Ask that God would open the eyes of these women to the gift of life. Pray He will minister to them in their time of struggle and fear. Furthermore, pray He would direct them to loving and supportive help within their communities.



Pray for the fathers of these preborn babies, whose significant other is considering abortion.

Please pray that these men would hear God’s call to fatherhood. That God would give them the desire to love, protect, and cherish the new life that He has given them. Also pray that God would give them the desire for harmony and unity in their relationship with their significant other.



Pray for your local pregnancy resource center.

Ask that God will continue to strengthen the employees and volunteers serving at these resource centers. In addition, pray for God to raise up others within their communities to help pregnant women.



Prayer for the Church.

May God raise up loving and faithful servants within His body to encourage and care for pregnant women who are searching for wisdom and help.



Pray for government leaders.

Let our government leaders see life as precious and made in God’s image. May God grant them wisdom, discernment, and courage to embrace the gift of life. When these leaders seek to promote pro-life values, season their words with grace and love.



Pray for those in the abortion industry.

May God impact the lives of those working within the abortion industry. Pray that their eyes may be opened, their hearts transformed, and their position changed to value and preserve life.



Pray for the nation’s culture.

God, help remind us that you are in control. As we seek to change our nation’s view on issues like abortion, equip people with the right words and tools to see life as a God-given gift, with a purpose, and is worthy of protecting. May we reflect and honor God in all we say and do.

Support Your Local Pro-Life Movement

There are many ways to support pro-life Pregnancy Resource Centers that are providing excellent pregnancy care in your local community. 

My Choice Network is a website dedicated to helping you find the closest pro-life PRC near you. To find the closest place to volunteer, visit their website and type in your zip code.

Embrace Grace helps women with unplanned pregnancies find a place of belonging. Visit Embrace Grace to start a support group, send a Love Box, or learn where you can volunteer.

Option Line is a confidential resource for women who are facing the abortion choice. Their website offers the full scope of pregnancy and support options, and makes for a great resource when supporting a friend or loved one.

Encourage & Empower

Being pro-life means being pro-love. The best way to encourage others to join the pro-life cause is by identifying needs in your local community and church, and seeking to fill those needs. While the possibilities of how you can be pro-love are endless, some of our favorite examples of how you can empower others are:

  • Work with Embrace Grace to create a support group for mother’s of unexpected pregnancies.

  • Discuss pro-life values with your children, and demonstrate the importance of valuing every life.

  • Ask your church about doing a fundraiser or donation drive for your local Pregnancy Resource Center.

  • Cook meals for birth parents and women who have just given birth.

  • Offer to babysit for a single mom while she takes time to relax.

  • Pregnant teens often feel isolated from their family and friends. Invite young mother’s-to-be over for a movie or game night with you and your family.

  • Throw a baby shower for new moms-to-be! Invite her friends and family to celebrate the life of her preborn child.

Share Truth

The possibilities of how you can help spread the truth about abortion are endless! It could be as easy as having casual conversations with friends or sharing pro-life news updates on your social media accounts. Start where you feel most comfortable and move forward in love and compassion. Here are some popular pro-life news outlets:

I Am Pro-Life is our pro-life Facebook page. We regularly share pro-life news and encouragements that span the entire pro-life spectrum. Like and follow us to receive daily pro-life posts!

The Daily Citizen’s team of analysts is devoted to giving you timely and relevant analysis of current events and cultural trends – all from a biblical worldview – so that you can be inspired and assured that the information you share with others comes from a reliable source.

Live Action exists today to shift public opinion on abortion and defend the rights of these most vulnerable among us. Through compelling educational media, human interest storytelling, and investigative reporting, they reveal the humanity of the preborn and expose the abortion industry exploiting women for profit.

Live Action exists today to shift public opinion on abortion and defend the rights of these most vulnerable among us. Through compelling educational media, human interest storytelling, and investigative reporting, they reveal the humanity of the preborn and expose the abortion industry exploiting women for profit.

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