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As a woman who walked through teen pregnancy myself, I'm betting you may not feel like a super anything right now. But you're doing great, momma! These pregnancy resources can help you make the next step in your supermom journey.

A supermom doesn’t mean we have it all together all the time. In fact, as a woman who walked through a teen pregnancy myself, I’m betting you may not feel like a super anything right now. I know there can be a lot of uncertainty in what the future holds and shame for how you ended up here. But you’re doing great, momma! You are showing up every day for you and your baby, even when it is hard. Doing the best you can for your lives tomorrow makes you a supermom to me. These teen pregnancy resources can help you make the next step in your supermom journey.

Finding Teen Pregnancy Support

Your Local Pregnancy Center

A pregnancy center is one of the best first steps you can make. These help centers are filled with people who genuinely want to love and encourage you through your teen pregnancy journey, both emotionally and in tangible ways!

Check out My Choice Network or Click here to learn and find one near you.

Support Groups + Mentors for Teen Moms

Embrace Grace and Young Lives are both nationwide teen and young mom support groups. They run a bit differently, but both are wonderful places to find support.

When I was pregnant, finding other moms who had walked this path before me or simply having solidarity in our experience together was so needed! Going to these groups can help make those friendships, and often pregnancy resource centers can connect you with a mentor to walk alongside you.

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Teen Pregnancy Resources

Apps for Pregnant Teens

  • Pregnancy and Baby Development Tracker

    • There are several options from which to pick. Download a few and find what you like best! Or, be like me and read all of them because they can have something unique to share about each milestone and new changes. I wanted to learn all the things.
  • Mama Natural

    • This app is great for reading articles and learning about more natural approaches to pregnancy and baby if that’s your thing! As a mom, you’ll spend many years reading different approaches to parenting, medical care, and school decisions so you can decide what is best for you. That can start now to make an informed decision!
  • Baby Names

    • Names are such an essential part of our identity, and choosing a name for our baby is one of the most fun parts of pregnancy. This app explores thousands of names, meanings, and popularity to help you find the perfect name for your baby.
  • Baby Pics Photo Editor

    • This is the best app for the belly and baby milestone photos we all love to awe over! I wish that I had documented my growing belly more when I was a pregnant teen. Regardless of your pregnancy situation, there is a beautiful life within you, and celebrating that is okay!
  • Contraction Timer

    • Once you get into the later months of pregnancy, this app can be helpful to time contractions and know when to call your healthcare professional or head to your birthing place.

Books for Facing Teen Pregnancy

  • A Bump In Life: True Stories of Hope & Courage During an Unplanned Pregnancy by Amy Ford 
    During my teen pregnancy, it was encouraging to hear stories of other moms who had gone before me. Likewise, it was inspiring to hear how God worked their situations out for good.This book is filled with hope to know you aren’t alone, and it will all work out, even if you don’t feel it right now. Get your copy of A Bump in Life via the Focus on the Family online Bookstore!
  • Teen Mom: You’re Stronger Than You Think by Tricia Goyer
    Written from a once-teen mom, Tricia gives practical tips, encouragement, and advice. Find a copy here
  • Parenthood Unplanned by Sarah Dunford
    Sarah had her baby at sixteen and has since captured her experience and advice in this book for other young parents with humor, faith, and vulnerability.
  • Pregnancy Hacks: 350+ Easy Hacks for a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy! by Amanda Shapin Michelson
    Some things take time and experience to learn, especially as a pregnant and new mom. This book gives tips on what you need to save time and money.

Where to Find Free Baby Stuff

Your pregnancy center likely has a free baby gift, may even throw a baby shower for you, and has opportunities to earn baby items as you learn about various topics in classes. Embrace Grace groups also throw a wonderful baby or life showers each class semester!

Gifts from companies are another way to get some smaller items. There are many freebies and gifts out there for pregnant and new moms; this website is a great resource to find more. Sammy Approves Ultimate List

Preparing for Birth and Baby

Once again, your local pregnancy center is a top teen pregnancy resource. They often have free classes available to learn about labor, breastfeeding, parenting skills, etc. These were so valuable to me when I was pregnant! Plus, unlike other classes, I was surrounded by other teen moms. The support and encouragement — and laughter — while learning was priceless.

If online classes are more your thing, A Heavenly Welcome is my favorite course. It not only teaches about what you need to know about the stages of labor, helpful coping tips, and birthing options but has a unique addition with Biblical insight into what God says about birth. 

You Got This, Momma

Sometimes being supermom means knowing that it is okay to ask for help. Trust me, we all need help sometimes, no matter what age a mom is! I hope these resources will be a resource and encouragement to whatever you need in this part of your journey.

Know that you are not alone!

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