U.S. Supreme Court Marriage Decision

U.S. Supreme Court

BREAKING NEWS: Historic Marriage Decision! How It Will Impact You - And What You Can Do About It

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Is Your Teen Ready to Drive?

Joanna McGee Bradford

Teen in car with open hand to get the car key

Instead of just handing over the keys, set reasonable boundaries for your teen and evaluate your teen's driving performance until you are confident your teen can maintain good driving habits.

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Summer-rific Faith Adventures

Thriving Family

Boy and dog in red wagon submarine going on an adventure with dad, who is in scuba gear

Get 32 free activity cards! Use them to explore God's Word as a family. On the back of every card is a picture. Once your family completes the activity on a card, place the card in the appropriate puzzle position. By the end of the summer, your family will have completed this adventure-themed puzzle and can search for 45 hidden objects in it!

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Christian Faith in American History

Rebecca Hagelin

Girl and boy praying as they lean against a folded flag

Our children need to know the truth about the influence of the Christian faith in American history. After all, the freedoms we enjoy in America today originated in Judeo-Christian ideals that date back to long before the American Revolution.

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Loving Your Prodigal

Jeanette Gardner Littleton

Teen girl staring moodily into space with her back against a brick wall

Parents of prodigals often feel helpless and tend to think it's because they did something wrong. But sometimes teens just rebel against anyone who gets in their way. Here's what you can do when a child goes astray.

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Help to Strengthen Families

Please give to support family ministry. Your gift will go to work immediately — transforming lives through the power of the Gospel.

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Michael W. Smith: Grammy Winner and Grandfather

Jeremy V. Jones

Michael W. Smith looking to his right

Michael W. Smith has been called a Grammy winner, American Music Award winner, Dove Award winner, artist of the year, songwriter of the year, producer of the year and Smitty. But his favorite title just might be G-Daddy. That's what Michael's 11 grandchildren call him.

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Time With Dad

Tim Parsons

Daughter and Dad looking at each other, smiling

Spending one-on-one time with kids allows for a deeper connection between Dads and children, especially when you help them look forward to the time, enjoy an activity with them and then reflect on what you did.

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A Faith That Sticks

Kara Powell

Child with sticky notes all over him

Most Christian parents desire a vibrant faith for their kids. What can parents do to help children make faith their own? 

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