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advent candles


Celebrate the Christmas Season With an Advent Calendar

Thriving Family

Help your family draw closer to Jesus this Christmas season with an Advent calendar and readings.

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Family eating a holiday meal


Thanksgiving Traditions

Donna Brennan, Sally Jadlow, Joanne Kraft, Letitia Suk, and Jeannie Vogel

Thriving Family asked parents to share a cherished tradition that has helped their family experience real gratitude.

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A family with extended family sitting around the holiday table


Seven People at Your Thanksgiving Table

Erin Smalley

Spend time planning how you will successfully model Christ's love to your children as you manage extended family dynamics.

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illustration of a boy being goofy


Do You Need to Lighten Up

Courtney DeFeo

Don't settle for a gloomy household. Instead, discover the fun in everyday family life.

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Illustration of a family of four crossing a dilapidated wooden bridge in a gloomy area


Living in a Broken World

Philip Yancey

Do you know how to reassure your kids when they doubt God's goodness because of all the bad things happening in the world?

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Help to Strengthen Families

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A family of adopted children who are of many different races


Helping Adopted Children Develop a Healthy Racial Identity

Tara Bradford

You can embrace the racial differences in your adopted children and give them a healthy cultural and family identity.

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The Monroe Family -- parents and four children


Letting Go of Adoption Expectations to Meet a Child's Needs

Michael Monroe

Unfulfilled expectations can lead to disappointment and even disconnection between parents and adopted children.

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woman with a Christmas package


Get Organized to Reduce Christmas Stress

Ellie Kay

Start now to de-stress the Christmas holiday season through the use of a simple checklist! 

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