Celebrate Religious Freedom and God’s Love

By Focus on the Family
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Students are celebrating their religious freedom and reflecting God's love by bringing their Bibles to school

What would happen if half a million Christian students all brought their Bibles to school on the
same day?

Find out on Oct. 4!

Bring Your Bible to School Day

The first Thursday of October 2018 marks the fifth annual Bring Your Bible to School Day—an
opportunity for hundreds of thousands of students across the United States to share God’s hope and
celebrate religious freedom, simply by carrying their Bibles to school. The day is sponsored by
Focus on the Family, but it’s young people who lead it.

The event has come a long way in the last four years—from an estimated 8,000 participants in 2014 to
nearly 500,000 in 2017. From kindergarten to college, students of all grade levels are invited to
join in.

Some students have faced opposition from teachers and administrators, but the First Amendment
recognizes the rights of students to talk about their faith and to read their Bibles outside of
classroom time. Bring Your Bible to School Day is a great opportunity for Christian students to
discuss critical issues from a biblical perspective and to share the hope and love that the Bible

Students share the Word with classmates

Emalix says her fifth-grade son was challenged by a classmate who said he couldn’t bring his
Bible to school. “He felt sad about it,” she says, “and I had lunch with him, teaching him about his
rights to bring it and read it proudly.”

Maliyah, 8, shares her favorite Bible stories with classmates during their downtime, says her
mother. “She’s such a great girl who’s showing Jesus in her school!”

“I brought my Bible to school and shared Scripture with classmates,” says 9-year-old Kayla. “With
one friend we read Genesis 1. I wanted to share the love of Christ boldly.” Madison and her
sisters brought their Bibles to school to spend the day praying and reading during their free time.
Madison says, “I chose to participate because I love the Lord and desire to share the Gospel.”

Brooke says she gave her own childhood Bible to her daughter on the morning of the event. “She was
so excited,” Brooke says. “She took it to school and told everyone about Bring Your Bible to School
Day. She was the only one in her school who did. Teachers didn’t even know about it. But they did
let her read it during her downtime.”

“I took my Bible to read during free time and passed out bookmarks to friends,” says Maddox, 10. “I
like to share Jesus with others.”

© 2018 Focus on the Family.


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