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Teaching Your Young Children How to Make Their Beds

While the level and variety of chores depends on their age and stage, even the youngest child can learn how to make their bed

One of the first chores that young children can learn is how to make their own bed. Even basic chores can sometimes seem like the biggest battle in your home. While the level and variety of chores depends on their age and stage, even the youngest child can learn how to make their bed.

Tips to Help Teach Your Kids How to Make Their Beds

Often, the most difficult part of chores for both parents and kids is the grumbling and complaining. Throughout the Bible, God gives guidance on this topic. In the New Testament, Paul writes: “Do all things without grumbling or disputing, that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world” (Philippians 2:14-15).

Explore these tips to help teach your kids how to make their beds and continue to create the routine of responsibility through chores.

Clear the Clutter

Younger children have a tendency to use their bed as a shelter for a mountain of stuffed animals, toys and clothes. Set your younger kids up for success by clearing the clutter around the bed. Designate a specific spot for toys and stuffed animals. Explain that it is much easier to make a bed when their toys are put away and their space is clean! The more they practice, the more their confidence will grow.

Start with the Small Things

Making the bed involves a handful of little steps. Sometimes, it’s easier to help your younger kids begin to complete this chore by starting with a smaller portion of the chore. With making a bed, start with the folding and putting the sheets on the bed. Give them a small task such as holding the pillows or blankets while you put the sheets on. Giving them a small task will help them feel involved and help grow their responsibility.

Your child is an amazing mix of hopes and ambitions, creativity and courage

Making a Bed by Age and Stage

3-Year Old

It sounds simple, but when teaching my 3-year-old how to make the bed, I would tell him to find the corners of the sheets and blankets and match them to the corners on the bed. This direction helped him because he didn’t feel like he was doing a chore but solving a puzzle.

—Evie Palmer

4-Year Old

When my oldest daughter, Esther, was 4, I taught her to make her bed for her doll. After placing the doll in the bed, we would read the doll a story, and the doll would “fall asleep.” Once the doll “woke up,” Esther would pretend to feed her.

When her sister turned 4, Esther introduced the game to her. Sarah was excited to do what her big sister did, and she quickly learned to complete this chore too.

—Lois Maina

How to Make a Bed Game

Draw a quilt with 30 patches. Each time your child makes her bed, let her color a patch. The goal is to complete the quilt. In the same way, you can motivate your kids to pick up their toys. Draw a toy chest and cut out 30 pictures of toys from advertisements or magazines. If your child picks up his toys at the end of the day, let him glue a picture in the toy box. The goal is to fill the chest.

— Connie Peters

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