Abortion Facts, Stats and Research

A photo of an ultrasound explaining facts stats and research about abortion.
Make a valid pro-life position with these facts, stats and research about abortion and those it impacts.

Abortion Facts

Based on accumulative data from the two primary sources of U.S. abortion statistics (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Guttmacher Institute), the United States has over 600,000 abortions performed each year. Since 1973, we estimate more than 63 million abortions have been performed in the United States.

  • Based on more recent data, about 1 in 4 women (24%) will have an abortion by age 45.
  • Additionally, nearly half of all U.S. abortion patients are in their twenties.
  • Adolescents make up around 12% of abortion patients.
  • About 6 out of every 10 women who have an abortion (59%) already have one or more children.
  • 51% of abortion patients were using contraception during the month they became pregnant.
  • It’s estimated that about half of the patients who receive an abortion pay for it out of pocket.
  • Over half of abortion patients (54%) identify as Christian (30% Protestant, 24% Catholic).

America's Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice Stats

  • Furthermore, according to the 2021 Gallup poll, among 1,016 interviews, 49% were pro-choice, 47% were pro-life and 5% held no opinion.
  • Also, the 2021 Gallup poll recorded that, among pro-choicers, 50% were non-Hispanic or White Americans, while 47% were non-White or Hispanic Americans. In contrast, pro-lifers were 46% Non-Hispanic White Americans and 48% Hispanic or Non-White Americans.

Additionally, a Barna poll from 2016 explored Americans’ views on abortion, asking if they believe “abortion should be legal in all cases, legal in most cases, illegal in most cases, or illegal in all cases.” Given these four options, the nation’s population leans toward retaining legal status for abortion:

  • 64% prefer keeping it legal in all or most cases.
  • In contrast, 36% would like to make it illegal in all or most instances.

However, these percentages have showed varying and competitive percentages throughout the years. More recently, a separate study by Barna in 2018, one focused on learning the morality of Gen Z, found that: 

  • In comparison to Millennials, members of Gen Z are less likely believe that abortion is wrong.
  • Furthermore, the study observed that, “Gen Z as a whole are generally opposed to challenging others’ beliefs, likely driven by a desire to avoid offense or to acknowledge the value of other perspectives.”

Research on Medication Abortions

  • Abortion via the abortion pill accounted for 39% of all abortions in 2017. This percentage has risen as in-clinic abortions have declined.
  • According to Micromedex, symptoms of the abortion pill include: headache (up to 44%), nausea (43-61%), vomiting (18-26%), diarrhea (12-40%), fatigue (10%), cramping and pain (96%).
  • Additionally, the medical abortion process may mask symptoms of ectopic pregnancy
  • Currently, the abortion pill is provided up to 10 weeks’ gestation.

For more information about the abortion pill and it’s reversal check out, “The Abortion Pill: How Does it Work?”

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