Jayne Schooler

Jayne is an adoptive parent as well as the author/co-author of eight books in the foster and adoptive field, including Telling the Truth to Your Adopted or Foster Child and Wounded Children, Healing Homes. She is one of the primary authors of the Trauma Free World’s Trauma Competent Care giving series and trains internationally. For more information on the training series, visit

A family smiling with text that says "From Empty Nest To Foster Parent"

From Empty Nesters To Foster Parents

Setting up for an evening training, I looked forward to sharing the impact of foster care and adoption on the biological children in the family. As the participants entered the classroom, I was stunned at who they were. Yet, the group looked like a roo …

The Impact of Foster Care on Children A Deeper Perspective (Part 2)

The Impact of Foster Care on Children: A Deeper Perspective (Part Two)

Elisha sat across from me in a booth at a local restaurant, as we talked about the impact of foster care on her biological children. “Why is my six-year-old daughter, Alise behaving just like my new foster daughter, Sara, who is four? She is throwing t …

The Impact of Foster Care on Children

The Impact of Foster Care on Children: A Deeper Perspective (Part One)

It’s easy for parents to overlook the impact of foster care on children when considering bringing a foster child into their home. The following stories paint the picture well.It seemed to Camie that she had told her daughter, ten-year-old Alise, for th …

Cover Self Soothing Techniques

The Ins and Outs of Self-Soothing Techniques

Three-year-old Jake walked into the garage where his foster dad worked on a wood project. The loud sounds of sounds and hammering filled the garage. Almost immediately, Jake became agitated, putting his little hands over his ears. Jake noticed an old p …

Image showing that understanding childhood trauma changes everything.

Understanding Childhood Trauma Changes Everything

Children who have been in foster care, like Susie were wounded most in the context of interpersonal relationships, and they will heal only in the context of healthy, nurturing, interpersonal relationships.

Changing a Child's Belief System

“No One Loves Me”: Changing a Child’s Belief System from the Inside Out

Abuse and neglect affects a child’s belief system. But it is possible to reverse the effects through new words and experiences.

Teacher explaining something to young children in a school classroom

“Bring Me the Football” The Power of Healing Connections

“A foundational truth: Connect before correct.” Dr. Karyn Purvis

Black family of mom, two young daughters, and grandmother all sitting on a couch enjoying looking at a photo album

Telling the Truth to Your Child: Helping Your Child Come to a Strength-based Understanding of His Story

Kevin had always known he was adopted. When he was 18 months old, he had entered foster care because his mother had died from an undisclosed illness, and his father, in distress, left him with a neighbor and never came back. That was the story he grew …

Couple and their young daughter talking with each other while sitting on the floor in their home

Understanding the Impact of Foster Care and Adoption on Children Already in the Home

When Jonathan and Lynne Walker decided to become foster parents, their three children, ages 7 to 14, both biological and adopted, were excited. They gave an enthusiastic “yes, let’s do it.” Believing the adjustment to having more children in the home w …

Mom affectionately comforting her sad tween daughter as they sit together on some steps outside

What Does It Take to be A Foster/Adoptive Parent? Five Characteristics in Becoming a Trauma Competent Healing Parent

Some years ago, at a retreat for adoptive moms, I asked the question: “What do you wish you would have known before you fostered or adopted?” I wasn’t surprised by the answers. I wish I had known that I could get so angry at a child I really loved. Tha …

pastor healing relationships

PRESENCE MATTERS: Any Foster/Adoptive Parent Can Do This

Several years ago, while training our trauma curriculum in Armenia, I described two principles: Abuse happens in the context of an interpersonal relationshipHealing only happens in the context of a healthy, stable interpersonal relationship. Pastor Rap …


“Don’t Tell Me to Take a Walk”: What Really is Self-Care?

“You cannot pour from an empty cup. You must fill your cup first.” Dr. Karyn Purvis

Young, sad girl sitting on her bed, being comforted by her mom who's kneeling before her, holding her hand

Why Children in Foster Care Are Grieving During Coronavirus

“Why can’t I see mom and dad?”

Easing Your Family’s Concerns About Adoption

When Grandma and Grandpa don’t share your vision for adoption.

Principles for Telling a Child’s Life Story

How adoptive parents can sensativley share their child’s adoption story with them.

Close up of a young girl's face

Your Child’s Adoption Life Story

Why children who have been adopted need to know their story — and how to tell it

Why Children Need to Know Their Adoption Story

Four compelling reasons to tell your children the story of their adoption

The Power of Family Secrets

Family secrets can destroy the love and trust the family has fought so hard to build.

A Tool for Telling a Child’s Life Story

Telling the story should not be a one-time event but an ongoing process as the child grows.

God’s Message About Your Child’s Life Story

The beautiful truth for adoptive parents is that God has placed children in their families for healing and redemption.