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Help for Families During the Coronavirus Crisis

Focus on the Family® is here to help you and your loved ones #ThriveAtHome

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May 22, 2020 Mary Beth Lagerborg and Mimi Wilson, co-authors of the best-selling book Once-a-Month Cooking, discuss the resurgence of making meals at home that’s been brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic. They encourage listeners to make the most of this opportunity to make mealtime more meaningful for their family, offering many practical suggestions for doing so.
MAY 19, 2020 As pandemic restrictions ease and we look to resume something of a ‘normal’ life, it’d be easy to forget the good, simple values we rediscovered while quarantined at home. On this broadcast, author Alexandra Kuykendall encourages us to move forward with purpose and intentionality so that we can continue nurturing those values and avoid allowing busyness to consume our families again.
During this time of disruption and uncertainty, Focus on the Family® cares deeply for you and your family. We encourage you to take comfort in the words of Jesus: “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” (John 14:27 ESV) As you make precautions to protect and care for your loved ones, take time to pause and look for how God is working. This unique time is an opportunity to lead your family, cherish your spouse, and grow together in faith. To help you, we have pulled together on this page our most relevant and helpful resources on marriage, parenting, caring for the vulnerable, and sharing your faith. Together, let’s make the most of this season and ask God to strengthen our trust in Him.

Strengthen Your Faith

Outside there may be upheaval. But you can have peace and hope because God is near. Open God’s Word together and let biblical truth bring contagious calm to your household. May it start conversations that uplift you and your loved ones and strengthen your faith, so you can encourage friends and neighbors around you. What will God do in your family during this time?

Picture This

This interactive devotional for Focus on the Family Clubhouse Jr. magazine will help your 3- to 7-year-old children understand more about Jesus.

Time to Stop

Read this poem from Focus on the Family Clubhouse Jr. magazine with your young children to help them pause and pray to their heavenly Father.

Out of the Box

Sit down, grab a Bible and read this devotional from Focus on the Family Clubhouse magazine (for kids 8-12) to remind your family that God is powerful and personal.

Bible Kids Hall of Fame

Since Bible times, God has used children to accomplish His purposes. This devotional Focus on the Family Clubhouse magazine will encourage your kids to do big things for Him!

Grasping Gratitude

The Bible says to “give thanks in everything.” But how is that possible? This devotional from Focus on the Family Clubhouse magazine (for kids 8-12) can help.

Adventures in Odyssey: Whit’s End Mealtime Devotions

Encourage quality family time and pass on a strong spiritual heritage with these 90 devotions created to engage children in fun, lively, productive dialogue.

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Digital Outreach Center

Do you want to spread the hope of Jesus from your home during a time of disruption and uncertainty for people around the world? If you enjoy social media and spreading the hope of Christ, this is the missionary opportunity you have been waiting for.
Dr. H. Norman Wright, Research Professor of Christian Education at the Talbot School of Theology

Dealing With Grief and Loss During Coronavirus

Trauma therapist Dr. H. Norman Wright offers hope and insight for dealing with illness and death during the coronavirus pandemic, addressing the hardships that come with sheltering in place – like not being able to say goodbye to loved ones in the hospital, not being able to visit the elderly in nursing homes, and having to attend funerals online.

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man coping with anxiety

The Antidote to Worry

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s a virus going around. In fact, experts call it a pandemic. But I’m not talking about the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis–I’m referring to the virus of worry. Of course, legitimate concern over COVID-19 is fueling our apprehension these days.

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Parenting During the Coronavirus Crisis

These are unprecedented times — schedules are suddenly wide open and home, school, and work are jumbled up like never before. What an opportunity to learn, play, and grow with your children! They’re watching you and need you now more than ever. This topsy-turvy time can be a gift. Make the most of it by connecting with your kids in new, meaningful ways.

Steadfast Love in Action - Loving Kirsten

Focus on the Family's Sanctity of Human Life Manager Janet Stafford explains how she's able to have as much steadfast love for her daughter with Down syndrome as her children without disabilities. She also offers encouragement for families who may be struggling with what to do after their pre-born or delivered child is diagnosed with Down syndrome. As she shares Kirsten's story Janet explains how God made us all unique, and how Kirsten may have Down syndrome, but Down syndrome does not have Kirsten.

Dad and daughter loving mom

Appreciating Moms

Happy Mother’s Day! Moms play a vital role in their kids’ lives. A mother’s love and guidance shapes a child for their entire life. Mother’s

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Brio means vigor, full of life and our magazine designed for today's teen girls will give them exciting, vivacious, faith-based articles, plus DIY, music and entertainment features, and more fuel to energize their life. Read the April 2020 issue now for free!

FREE Digital Issue of Clubhouse Magazine

Intriguing & entertaining! This kids magazine reinforces traditional values & promotes family closeness with hands-on activities, challenging puzzles and exciting stories. Read the April 2020 issue now for free!

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Faith-filled fun for youngsters providing creative stories, fascinating articles, puzzles, crafts and more. You’ll love the way this bright & colorful kids’ magazine reinforces biblical values. Read the April 2020 issue now for free!


Marriage During the Coronavirus Crisis

A crisis situation can bring you and your spouse together — or it can create stress and drive a wedge between you. Strained finances, a lack of intimacy, and tense communication may be some of the challenges you face while you’re homebound. But the messiness of this moment can be the perfect season to serve your spouse and show him or her how much you cherish them.
The Boundless Show Logo

The Boundless Show Podcast

In Episode 633, Lisa Anderson and Geremy Keaton discuss how we can trust God with our Coronavirus fears. Also: Buying real estate as a young adult and addressing “alone time” with a boyfriend.

Boundless is an award-winning ministry of Focus on the Family with the goal of helping young adults grow up, own their faith, date with purpose and prepare for marriage and family.

How to Practice Social Distancing With Wisdom

(Article from

Crises usually bring us together; coronavirus is keeping us apart. Here’s how to wisely approach social distancing in the areas of relationships and time management.


Sanctity of Life

A pro-life worldview isn’t obsolete during times of crisis. In fact, the early Christian church was known for running INTO dangerous situations to help the sick, while the rest of the world was hurrying away. While we protect and look after our own families, let’s continue to care for the vulnerable and display a faith in God that’s more powerful than any virus.
mom and daughter with down syndrome special needs parenting

Parenting a Child with Special Needs During a Pandemic

There is no getting around it, living through a pandemic is tough for everyone. But if you are the parent of a child with special needs, this time can be even more stressful and intimidating. I believe the key to helping our kids process and adjust to the changes they are facing is modeling for them, in an authentic way, our own feelings. Our kids need us to be strong for them, but they also need us to be real with them, to tell them it’s okay to be sad and scared.

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Download the
I Am Pro-Life Prayer Guide

Pray for the most vulnerable members of our society during this present crisis. Download a printable prayer guide at the link below.


Engaging the Culture

During this time of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever for Christians to engage the culture. Coronavirus has raised fears and multiplied confusion as nearly all of us have been forced to limit our connection with others. But grounded in God’s Word and compelled by Christ’s love, we can lean in and point family, friends, and neighbors to the hope we have in Jesus.

Trusting God in Today’s Economy

(Article from Jim Daly’s Blog)

At some point, each of us finds ourselves in a wilderness – moments where we are utterly dependent on God to help us through circumstances that are beyond our control. What then? Are we able to trust God when we feel like we’ve run out of options?

FREE Digital Issue of the Focus on the Family Magazine

The Focus on the Family magazine is a marriage and parenting magazine that will help your family thrive in Christ. In this bimonthly publication, you'll find age-specific parenting advice, inspiring profiles, marriage tips, faith-based family activities, and more. Read the April/May 2020 issue now for free!

Celebs Take on COVID-19

(Article from the PluggedIn Blog)

The March news cycle was dominated by the coronavirus, and April isn’t shaping up to be much different. If anything, concerns are ramping up. But without any movies to go to or sports events to watch, several celebrities are telling us that they’ve got our backs.

NYC Mayor Accuses Samaritan’s Purse of Anti-LGBT Bias and Substandard Care

(Article from The Daily Citizen)

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has leveled unfounded accusations at Christian ministry Samaritan’s Purse, claiming that the group will discriminate against LGBT individuals and offer “substandard care” in its field hospital deployed in Central Park.

Crisis Control

(Article from

Combining these two words, crisis and control, leads me to believe that I can survive any situation as long as I have properly prepared ahead of time. It’s a belief that a mixture of education, experimentation and a knowledge of science can help me understand and even avoid such situations. And very often, this is exactly what happens.

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    Young girls seem to be maturing physically earlier than past generations. In fact, some counselors warn that if you haven’t discussed puberty and sexual development with your child by age 8 or 9, somebody else likely already has. If that’s alarming to you, tune in to our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Guiding Your Daughter […]
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Digital Outreach Center

Do you want to spread the hope of Jesus from your home during a time of disruption and uncertainty for people around the world? If you enjoy social media and spreading the hope of Christ, this is the missionary opportunity you have been waiting for.

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