Happy Mother's Day!

Moms play a vital role in their kids' lives. A mother's love and guidance shapes a child for their entire life. Mother's Day is the perfect time to celebrate and appreciate Moms, who they are, and all they do for their families.

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Water Pitcher


How Mom

can pour into Mom

How Dad

can pour into Mom

How Kids

can pour into Mom

The Water Pitcher Challenge

Danny Huerta, the Vice President of Parenting & Youth at Focus on the Family, shares a creative and powerful word picture in how to view Mom, and challenges your family to use it as a way to appreciate Mom on Mother's Day (and beyond).

How Mom can pour into Mom

Mom, in order to pour out your love and energy into your family, you need to be filled up. Self-care is incredibly important; it allows you to be prepared to care for those around you.

Below are some things that you can read and engage with to help you fill yourself up.

12 Scripture Meditations for Moms

Busy days often force moms to do things quickly including reading the Bible. But when that happens, women miss out on the insights gleaned from meditating on God’s Word.

To help you avoid missing out on the refreshment God wants to give you, Liz Lassa has adapted her Spiritual Circle Journal into a format that helps moms who are struggling to set aside time with God. Each page can be completed over a two-day period, in the brief moments you have. Even when you’re interrupted, the format allows you an easy return to where you left off.

The first three meditations affirm your unique role as a mother. When women are feeling overwhelmed by the demands of caring for their children, they often need reminders that mothering does matter—and that God can recharge them when they’re weary. The next three meditations strive to encourage women to leave their isolated lives and share them with other women. This Christian fellowship is a healthy way to find support, Christian mentors and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The final six meditations help women acknowledge any security that is affected by the judgments of others or comparisons to others, before moving into what God has for them.

Articles and Broadcasts

The power of a mother's love shows as this mother snuggles nose to nose with her newborn

The Power of a Mother’s Love

A mother’s love needs to be given unconditionally to establish trust and a firm foundation of emotional intimacy in a child’s life.

Family Dancing in Living Room

Perfectly Imperfect: Being the Mom God Created You to Be

The world may tell us that we need to live up to certain expectations of perfection. God’s expectations look entirely different. It’s important that, as mothers, we focus on His ideals of perfection in our lives, and not the world’s. Focusing on Him can bring us peace and direction as we mother our children.

Focus on the Family Broadcast logo

Letting Go of “Perfect”

In a message based on her book No More Perfect Moms: Learn to Love Your Real Life, Jill Savage encourages moms to find relief from performance anxiety by allowing themselves, and their loved ones, the freedom to make mistakes.

Uncovering Your Mom Personality

Uncovering Your Mom Personality (Part 1 of 2)

In a discussion based on her book (un)Natural Mom, Hettie Brittz outlines the four main personality types of moms, unpacks the positive and negative traits of each, and explains how a mom can have a thriving relationship with her children by harmonizing her personality type with theirs. (Part 1 of 2)

Books for Moms

Your Role is a Higher Calling

Let The Eternal Mark of a Mom energize you as you fulfill your influential and invaluable role.

See the Heart of God Through Your Child

As author Erin Hawley studied how her toddlers related to her, she learned to see her relationship with God the Father in a whole new way.

Get the Book

How do you, as a parent, provide your young adults with the room they need to grow? This book is what every parent needs to help your teenagers soar out of the nest and into the next season of life with confidence.

How Dad can pour into Mom

Dad, you play an essential role in Mom feeling loved and appreciated in your family. Take time to show your wife you see her worth and value. Give your kids a model on how to make mom feel loved every day.

Below are some ways to think through how to appreciate your wife this week and beyond.

Movie Night: Old Fashioned

Snuggling up and watching a romantic movie with your wife might be a great way to end Mother’s Day. Adam Holz, the director of Plugged In, recommended the movie Old Fashioned. Here’s part of the Plugged In review:

Amber Hewson has a curious way of deciding where she’s going to live next: looking at the gas gauge in her car. Every so often, when she’s feeling fidgety, she’ll just pack up her stuff, hit the open road and drive until the needle points at empty. That tells her when to coast into whatever anonymous burgh she’s near and start the next chapter of her life. It’s a pattern that’s already propelled her across 14 states.

This time, her destination is an archetypal everytown nestled in rural Ohio. A cursory glance at the classifieds after landing a job at a flower shop yields exactly what she’s looking for: a cheap furnished apartment.

Amber’s prospective new residence sits atop an antique shop dubbed Old Fashioned. Before long, the store’s owner, a quietly intense thirtysomething bachelor, is showing Amber up the stairs to check it out.

Nothing odd about that. But then Clay Walsh refuses to enter the apartment with her, loitering on the landing outside as she wonders what’s up with this landlord. “Don’t take it personally,” he explains. “I made a promise—to never be alone with any woman who’s not my wife.”

Amber misunderstands, thinking Clay’s married. He tells her he isn’t. She’s amused. She’s intrigued. She decides to stay.

When her gas stove won’t light, Clay shows up to fix it … handing her a blanket to keep warm with while she waits outside. She thinks he’s joking. He’s not. “Open that door and I raise your rent,” he scolds when she starts to come back inside.

Still, the physical space separating them doesn’t keep them from talking. And talking slowly kindles something between this free-spirited woman and conviction-clad man. Something good. Something romantic. Something old-fashioned.

Articles & Broadcasts

Focus on the Family Broadcast logo

Cherish Your Wife (Part 1 of 2)

Dr. Walt Larimore offers Biblically-based insight on the marriage relationship and what it means for husbands to honor and value their wives. (Part 1 of 2)

What Cherishing Your Spouse Really Means

For 20 years, I had loved my wife — serving, sacrificing, persevering. But I had conveniently forgotten to consider what it meant to cherish her. To do that, I had to figure out what cherishing meant.

Keep Up the Chase

The fun little things that we do early in our relationships often seem impractical and somewhat unnecessary after we’re married. But the pursuit of one’s spouse is a mission without end.

Appreciating Mom

Focus on the Family president Jim Daly and his wife Jean talk about how Jim and their boys have shown love to mom on Mother’s Day, and how this has been meaningful to Jean.

How Kids can pour into Mom

Mother's Day is a great day for kids to let mom know how much she means to them. Help your kids appreciate Mom through words and actions.

Below you'll find a number of crafts, recipes, and other activities (all from Clubhouse Magazine and Clubhouse Jr. Magazine) to help your kids show love to Mom.

Breakfast in bed

Start Mother’s Day out right by giving mom a break and making her something yummy to eat in bed!

Make some crafts

Put together some fun crafts to give to Mom. Make sure to add in some extra love.