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Best Gift Ideas for Ages 0 to 3

Here’s a few great ideas for the best gifts for the littles in your home.

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The yellow step stool seemed to be a strange gift for a one-year-old.

Given by an experienced mom, the item didn’t have much pizazz initially. Over the next several years, I realized this handy piece of furniture became one of my child’s most used possessions. The stepstool made it possible for my toddler to stand beside me at the kitchen counter to stir recipes and put away silverware. In turn, seven children used that step stool to wash hands at the bathroom sink, reach for their toothbrush, and help make recipes in the kitchen.  

Best gift ideas for ages 0 to three help a child improve hand-eye coordination, sharpen motor skills, and connect to the important relationships in their lives.

Best Gift Ideas for Hand-Eye Coordination

Studies show the primary colors, red, green, yellow, and blue are especially appealing to young children. Toys with cheery colors and games that involve sorting by color and shape are beneficial for the early years.

Toy trucks and cars give opportunities for youngsters to recognize their ability to create movement. Look for toys that play music and have buttons that make sounds when pressed to encourage dexterity in little fingers. Musical instruments from keyboards and pianos to xylophones, harmonicas, and percussion instruments enhance creativity and concentration.

Playing with a baby doll or a favorite stuffed toy can serve as a tactile comfort companion. Bath toys bring play to bath time. The bobbing and movement of colorful toys give practice to hand-eye coordination.

Matching games to pair colors, images, and simple numbers are quick methods to learn these basic building blocks for learning. Kids like Go Fish and matching the dots for Dominos. Montessori puzzles and sorting toys are designed to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and discovery skills.

For safe exploration of a child’s surroundings, best gift ideas for 0 to 3 include electrical outlet covers and a safety gate to guard little ones from a tumble down the stairs.

Best Gift Ideas for Motor Skills

“Me do,” is a healthy statement from a toddler. As often as possible, celebrate these natural progressions to independence. Provide shoes they can slip on by themselves. Supply tip-proof cups that allow small hands to drop without spilling.

Floor mats with a grippy texture engage tactile senses and encourage crawling. Eager to move and explore, toddlers learning to walk find freedom with baby walkers. For one to three-year-olds, there are plenty of styles of tricycles from balance bikes with no pedals, trikes with pedals, and strider two-wheel bikes.

Toddler-size climbers and slides can be used indoors and outdoors. Outdoor swing sets come in multiple sizes to fit space and budget.

In addition to sidewalk chalk and bubble wands, kitchen sets with modeling clay as well as the ones with wooden foods that can be sliced through halves held together with Velcro let toddlers play what they see occur in everyday life.

Washable markers, large sketchbooks, and stickers are reachable when paired with a child-size table and chair. For travel, coloring pads that change color with a water pen are a reusable, mess-proof activity.

The Best Gift Ideas for Ages 0-3: Important Relationships

From 0 to 3 years of age, children are learning who is part of their world.

Create a book with photos of members of the family. In the first several years, children like to turn pages and name these special people in their lives; grandpa, mimi, aunt, uncle, cousins.

At the top of the best gift ideas for 0 to 3 is the early nurture of a relationship with Jesus Christ through a Children’s Bible such as the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones. Build a child’s library with board books, interactive books with flaps that open, and colorful, uplifting picture books.

Lullabies and children’s music featuring Scripture are an easy way for young hearts to commit God’s Word to memory.  

Plastic nativity scenes that youngsters can place as they hear the story of the birth of Jesus also allow them to strengthen what they learn through reenacting with the figures.

Designed for 3 through 7-year-olds, Clubhouse Jr. Magazine reinforces Christian values and beliefs. Throughout the year, the monthly full-color magazine arrives in the mail filled with fresh activities, kid-friendly recipes, and stories to read aloud.

Babies and toddlers thrive when they are secure in the love and care of the important people in their lives. Being held, playing with toys, and singing songs together give a child the assurance that they are important and heard. Reading stories, answering their questions, and showing them how to do a simple task helps them feel close and connected.

As often as possible, celebrate their natural progressions to independence. Like the yellow step stool, the best gifts for 0 to 3 are the ones that facilitate together time and build relationship.

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