Chosen for Fatherhood

Chosen for Fatherhood

"The greatest political storm flutters only a fringe of humanity, but an ordinary man and an ordinary woman and their ordinary children will literally alter the destiny of nations." –GK Chesterton

I have some favorite dads in Scripture. The thing I love about them is that they are all ordinary men. The only thing that made them extraordinary was that God chose them and they said "yes."

Abraham is one of those men. "For I have chosen him, so that he will direct his children and his household after him to keep the way of the LORD by doing what is right and just so that the LORD will bring about for Abraham what He has promised him" (Genesis 18:19, NIV, emphasis added).

What an awesome verse about God's plan for fatherhood. Talk about the purpose driven life. Here is a purpose statement from God to each of us as dads. This is our call and this is our place. Let's look at these words in this powerful verse.

For I have chosen him

The word chosen in the Hebrew describes the intimacy of God that He knows and recognizes you, and that He will show you what He has for you. His choosing you is His commitment to teach you His ways as a dad. Think of it. You have been chosen – handpicked – by God – to father the children he has given you. No one else can take your place. No matter what you feel you are lacking, you are the perfect dad for your children. With all of your flaws and with all of your fears, you have been chosen. Your children need you. You are God's answer for their deepest yearnings for identity, value and love. You have been chosen to express God's heart that your children are fully accepted and unconditionally loved. God can use your heart, your presence, your hugs, your laughter and your voice to engrave His eternal identity and love into their beings.

So that he will direct his children after him

The Hebrew meaning for direct is to command, order. After God chooses us for fatherhood, He then enables us to direct our children in His ways. We direct our children through modeling and mentoring in the ways of the Lord. If we don't give them direction they will receive it from their peers, media, culture and all the other places in the world that are so ready to influence them. The enemy is looking for you to abdicate your place so he can come in with his authority and captivate your children through his ways.

Keep the way of the LORD

The Hebrew meaning for keep is to watch, guard, observe, to cling to. As fathers do we model keeping the ways of the Lord? Do our children see us watching, guarding and observing His commands? Do they see us in everyday life clinging to the words and the ways of the LORD?

By doing what is right and just

In the Hebrew these words deal with standards, relating to God's righteousness. We keep God's ways as men, when our actions model righteousness and justice. Ordinary men become extraordinary fathers when they show up and say "yes" to God. Ordinary men and their ordinary families alter the destiny of nations by clinging to God and walking in His ways.

You are chosen. You are God's man for God's time. You are the ordinary dad who can alter history by loving and directing your children everyday. The time is now. Our Heavenly Father is waiting to bring about His promises for you.

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