What Can I Do to Help My Young Son Become a Healthy, Masculine Man?

How do I make sure that my son has positive male influences in his life? What can I do to help him develop a strong character?

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Masculinity is a delicate topic. You’re right to be cautious and aware of your son’s development, especially at a young age. However, it’s important to build a healthy definition of masculinity.

Remember that while your son is born with a biological sex, he doesn’t automatically get an understanding of what it means to be male. He needs your help to embrace his God-given design.

Here a few things you can do right now to build his identity and grow his confidence.

  • Embrace your responsibility as your son’s primary teacher on the topics of identity and sexuality. Take initiative in this area rather than avoiding responsibility or expecting him to learn it somewhere else.
  • Avoid putting a label on your son or overcorrecting behaviors you think are inappropriate. Instead, use gentle redirections to show your son what appropriate behaviors look like for your son’s age or stage of life.
  • Keep a close eye on your son’s primary influences such as TV shows, friends, or authority figures. Also, think about if there have been any large life changes or struggles in your son’s life or sphere of influence.

Providing secure attachment for your son is critical but can be difficult given culture’s current messages around the topics of sexuality and masculinity. If you need more guidance on this topic explore our resources here or speak with a professional counselor here.

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