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Science and Faith: Little Scientists in a Big World

As our kids grow up, they begin to ask more questions about the world. Unless you or your spouse is a scientist, these questions can often leave you feeling like you don’t have the “right” answer. Explore how the intersection between science and faith can guide your conversations about potentially difficult topics.

“Riley, third reminder, sweetie,” Ms. Kim, his preschool teacher, said. “It’s time to line up with the class.” “I know, but have you seen the legs on this thing?” Riley said. He was lying on his belly, eyes glued to a grasshopper. Ever since my friend’s 4-year-old son had gotten glasses, his thirst for discovery could not be quenched. Leaves, insects and even tiny strawberry seeds now had his full attention. Most children are natural explorers. As parents, we can bring God’s amazing world into clearer focus for our kids by helping them understand how science and faith work together.

Engage the Senses

Gathering safe-to-touch leaves, stones and flowers can help kids sharpen observation skills and appreciate God’s creativity. Discuss how each item looks, feels, sounds and smells. (No tasting, please!) Preschoolers and school-age kids can sort objects by color, size, texture or shape. Toddlers can have fun dropping items through an empty paper-towel tube.

Scripture reading: John 1:3

Say: “Let’s thank God for creating so many different things for us to enjoy! Even though we can’t see or touch God, we can see and touch the beautiful world He made.”

Track Patterns

Our wildly creative God is also orderly and attentive to intricate details. He created the patterns in the curves of a seashell and the veins of a leaf. He has blessed us with the steady rhythms of the sun, moon, stars and seasons. And there are clues to the day’s weather in the sky above our heads. Recording the weather or phases of the moon can help kids see patterns in God’s creation. Recording these patterns can be as simple as drawing symbols on a calendar you already own.

Scripture reading: Jeremiah 31:35.

Say: “The patterns in God’s world show us His wisdom and the loving way He takes care of every detail.”

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Explore Cause and Effect

Playing with motion and light can engage even the most active kids in scientific discovery. Find a hill or use a stiff piece of cardboard to set up a ramp. Roll a ball or toy car down the slope. Then set up obstacles and observe what happens. Does the toy car change course when it encounters an obstacle? Does the ball bounce, slow down or stop? If kids are short on words to describe their observations, they can draw them or act them out.

Get a flashlight and a few objects. Turn off the room’s lights and shine the flashlight on each object. You can even make shadow puppets. Next, move each object closer to and farther from the flashlight and observe what happens to its shadow.

Scripture reading: Romans 1:20

Say: “God gave us curious minds. We can notice and wonder about what is happening in God’s amazing world. God wants us to be curious about Him, too.”

Plant Seeds

Watching new life spring forth is a great opportunity to talk about God as the giver of life. This is one of the natural intersections between science and faith. Let kids observe seeds sprout into seedlings with this method:

• Fold a damp paper towel and slide it into a zip-close plastic bag.

• Add a few dried beans within the paper towel.

• Seal the bag and tape it to a sunny window so the seeds are visible to everyone.

• Check on the beans daily, adding water to the paper towel as needed.

Scripture reading: 1 Corinthians 3:7

Say: “We are watering these seeds, but God is making them grow. God is the giver of life.”

Final Thoughts on Science and Faith: Celebrate God’s Care

You can help little scientists sense God’s care as they explore His creation. As you slice an apple or shop the produce section in the grocery store, talk about how God provides for us from the earth. As you walk around the neighborhood, point to ways God cares for plants, bugs and birds. Then let your kids help care for God’s creation by planting flowers for the bees or making a bird feeder.

Scripture reading: Genesis 2:15

Say: “God takes care of us by giving us what we need from the earth. He wants us to care for His creation, too.”

As you explore God’s amazing world together, you will lay a foundation of faith, wonder and discovery in your children’s lives. Plus, all along the way, you will be making fun memories and growing closer as a family.

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