What Should I Do If My 6-Year-Old Sleeps Too Much?

Should I be concerned about my child sleeping too much? How much sleep is too much sleep? What can I do to build healthy routines in my home?

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Sleep habits can vary at any age. In most cases, younger kids can have difficulty getting up in the morning, especially on school days. However, if you identify a consistent habit of your child’s unwillingness to get out of bed, there might be more going on under the surface.

Here are a few things to keep in mind or try in situations where your child seems to sleep too much:

  • Pay attention to what your child eats or drinks before bed. There could be positive or negative effects based on these sorts of habits.
  • Experiment with giving unexpected surprises of something he or she really likes. For example, make their favorite breakfast or give a small gift to see if they get out of bed quicker. This could reveal and resolve simple laziness.
  • If your child has older siblings that tend to sleep in or stay up late, he or she could be mirroring their behavior. Try to focus on family-wide sleeping habits if this is the case.
  • Also, keep a close eye on the use of technology, video games, or screen time late at night. Overuse could lead to unhealthy patterns of technology use that impacts sleep.

If your child’s fatigue and oversleeping continue to be a problem, you might have to dig a bit deeper to find out what’s going on. For more insight on this topic, explore our sleep resources here.

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