Working Moms Need Friends, Too

Mothers who work outside the home need friendships with other women.

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“What do you want to do this weekend?” my husband asked.

Without thinking, I shot back, “I want to find some friends.”

I was lonely.

We had relocated our family from the familiar surroundings of Ohio to Colorado nearly a year and a half before. Though the move was generally smooth, a feeling of loneliness had gradually taken hold of me.

As a working mom, my day is filled with people and interactions, but why this nagging feeling of needing friends?

The Working Mom’s Juggling Act

Being a working mom feels like being a circus performer, always juggling various acts. The few hours stolen from work are packed with helping kids with homework, cooking meals, chauffeuring the kids to their activities, and dealing with the never-ending laundry.

In the midst of all this, you work to keep your marriage strong, connect with the Lord, floss your teeth, and squeeze in a few workouts.

Yet, this ceaseless juggling leaves little room for real, and lasting friendships. Chatting over a cup of coffee, joining a tennis club, or being part of a Bible study is a luxury few working moms can afford.

But God created women to thrive on relationships.

The Quest for a Safe Space

It’s disheartening that, as working moms, most of our relationships become more about getting things done than making meaningful connections.

Sure, I talk to plenty of people every day, but these conversations primarily revolve around tasks and issues at hand. Even chats with my husband often end up being about our budget, schedules, or what to make for dinner.

The office is brimming with women I’d love to be friends with, but our professional interactions rarely go beyond work tasks.

What a working mom truly craves is a safe place — a sanctuary where she can laugh, share stories, and be herself. We yearn for friendships that value us for who we are, not what we contribute.

Your Role is a Higher Calling

Let The Eternal Mark of a Mom energize you as you fulfill your influential and invaluable role.

Necessity, Not a Luxury

Contrary to what our hectic lives may imply, friendship isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity — a crucial aspect of our lives that directly impacts our emotional well-being.

Research suggests that women, in particular, benefit significantly from friendships. Friends provide emotional support, act as sounding boards, and offer a different perspective on our problems. They bring joy and fun into our lives, making the daily grind seem less monotonous.

Friends help us cope with stress and, in turn, can contribute to better physical health.

Building Bonds: A Guide for Working Moms

So, how can working moms bridge the gap and build these important friendships? Here are some practical steps:

  1. Be Proactive:

    Waiting for friendships to happen naturally might leave you waiting for a long time. Reach out to women you’ve been meaning to connect with — ask them out for coffee or suggest a joint activity that might be interesting for both of you.

  2. Use Your Routine:

    Your daily routine offers opportunities for potential friendships. Start a conversation with the mom you’ve seen at your kid’s football practice or say hello to the lady you pass in the carpool line every day.

  3. Reconnect:

    Reach out to old friends you’ve lost touch with. Reminiscing about shared experiences can help rekindle the bond you once had.

  4. Set Friendship Goals:

    Like any important aspect of your life, set specific goals for your friendships. Decide how many new people you want to connect with each month and stick to it.

  5. Embrace Technology:

    Today’s digital world offers numerous ways to connect with like-minded individuals. Use social media and apps to find local moms with similar interests. Join online communities and participate in discussions.

  6. Carve Out Time:

    Friendship, like any relationship, needs time to grow. Be sure to set aside a specific time each week for socializing, even if it’s just a quick chat over the phone.

  7. Start a Club or Group:

    Book clubs, cooking clubs, or mom fitness groups are great ways to make new friends. Starting a group based on common interests can attract like-minded moms and facilitate meaningful connections.

  8. Workplace Friendships:

    Try to build deeper relationships with your colleagues. Engage in conversations beyond work-related matters. You may find that you share similar interests or challenges.

Friendship is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Always remember, your efforts to forge new friendships won’t go unnoticed. Because at the end of the day, all moms share one truth: We need each other.

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