Abortion and the Christian Man

A young christian man prays against Christian abortion and how men feel about abortion.
Christian men have been targeted, slandered and chastised because of their work to end abortion. How should men respond to this opposition?

Should christian men have a say in the abortion issue? The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most powerful message ever created for the Christian and non-Christian alike. There is no other piece of literature that shapes culture and the world like the Bible has. The Bible has influenced the way our stories are told, how we communicate with one another, and how the world builds its moral compass.

The western way of life is built on the message of the Bible. One of the primary messages of the Christian worldview, outlined throughout scripture, is the practice of laying your life down as a living sacrifice. Choosing to deny self and worship God is where the Christian begins and ends their journey of loving God.

For Christians genuinely seeking the Lord with all of their heart, their deep desire is not to gain control over others or their circumstances. Their hearts desire to surrender their entire lives to the Lord and give up every ounce of control they once believed they held. Control is the last thing a heart surrendered to the Lord’s desires because the surrendered heart knows the eternal weakness of humanity without God.

Christian Men and Abortion

Christian men have been targeted, slandered and chastised because of their work to end abortion. Advocates of abortion hold to a fundamental misconception about pro-life Christian men. They claim that men “only desire to control women’s bodies but have no desire to actually help women.” Additionally, they claim that because men cannot have abortions themselves, they are not credible to hold an opinion on the topic.

The men, bold enough to speak out against abortion, are viciously targeted as controlling tyrants who desire all women to be without freedom.

Christians tend to be the most outspoken about the sanctity of life, so the Christian faith as a whole is attacked alongside men. This is an unfortunate reality, but it is a reality we must learn to grapple with. Christians are called to a life of love and truth. We are called to love mercy, do justice, and walk humbly. This is the highest call we are given, and we must cling to the call as we navigate conversations surrounding abortion.

The call to love mercy, do justice, and walk humbly is a path of obedience (Micah 6:8 and Isaiah 1:17). When men fulfill this call obediently in response to abortion, we speak with conviction, kindness, humility, and despair. We show compassion to women in fear, and we are empowered to protect the children at risk of losing their lives. Of course, sometimes Christian men miss the mark.

Nonetheless, Christians everywhere must be serious about obeying the call. We must allow the words of scripture to pierce our hearts and live from a state of dependence on the Holy Spirit. When we depend on ourselves, our intellect, or our power, we always crumble. Even worse, we misrepresent Christ to the world.

The Call to All Christians

Christian men are not perfect. Not even close. We fall into sin often, and we regularly forget the way of Christ. But truthfully, the heart of the Christian faith is never to control other people. The nature of a sincere Christian man, who lives in daily repentance from sin, is to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly.

Likewise, the purest form of Christianity is a life that resembles Christ. Jesus, undebatably, was a person overflowing with love and compassion for the world. The Christian faith has never been about control. The Christian faith is about freedom and love. Furthermore, faith is about relationships with God and others.

Unfortunately, people are not perfect, and the imperfections of many Christians have tarnished the view of the entire Christian faith. In the abortion conversation, Christians are labeled as religious tyrants, attempting to suppress others due to their belief system. Perhaps some have carried the Lord’s name in vain and have misrepresented Christ.

However, Christ came so that all humanity can be free of all bondage. The Christian message is freedom, not suppression.

The Christian Faith and Abortion

This begs the question, is the message of the pro-choice movement attacking purely the Christian faith or the people that represent the faith? Consequently, the answer to this question will determine the way pro-lifers should navigate this problem.

Due to the holiness of Christ and the positive influence of the Christian faith throughout the Western world, I believe firmly that the attack on Christianity is strictly an attack on the people who make up the faith, rather than the faith itself. This reality should convict us of two things.

First, we must diligently pray for those who are attacking the Christian faith. Pray that they see past the failures of people and gaze at the beauty of Christ. Yes, we must pray fervently for those who oppose the pro-life message. Second, we must understand our actions carry significant weight. After all, our lives paint the picture of Christ to nonbelievers worldwide. The people who have no relationship with Christ can only conceive of His nature through his followers. This should drive us into deep communion with God to represent Him accurately to the world.

What To Expect and How to Respond

Undoubtedly, we should expect that our lives will offend many across the globe. The Christian faith is offensive by nature because it proclaims that Jesus is the only hope for humanity. However, nonbelievers should never have to question the love that we carry. With the mind of Christ, we must hold firmly to the truth and walk in abundant love.

Also, for those offended by our message, we must treat them with love and kindness without compromising the truth. Concerning the pro-life message, we must keep women and their children’s wellbeing at the forefront of our minds, praying for those hurting and praying for those who support abortion.

We must love our enemies, pray for them daily, seek to help them in their times of trouble, and be near them in their heartache. It is imperative that we walk with the mind of Christ, with an attitude of gentleness, and with a burning desire to see the world know God.

"And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up."

Represent Him Well

If there were one message that I would give to men struggling with the level of opposition against them, it would be this: love God, and love people. Intensify your love for others. Accept criticism with a loving smile and continue to do the Lord’s work. The pro-life movement desperately needs the voice of men, men who can stand up for Fatherhood. Desperately, we need voices of men fighting for the protection of women and children. We need Christian men rooted in the word of God coming alongside women in crisis. 

This movement is not about control. This movement is about freedom. For example, many scriptures outline this core Christian value: Galatians 5:1, 2 Corinthians 3:17, Romans 6:6-7.

The Christian faith is not about control. The Christian faith is about freedom.

To the Christian man, keep going. Represent Him well.

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