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How Do I Handle Toddler Tantrums?

Toddler tantrums are real. And they can last forever. Learning how to overcome tantrums and address your toddler’s behavior begins with asking some key questions about their behavior to understand what’s going on under the surface.

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Know that you’re not alone. Toddler tantrums are very common in this stage of life. However, it’s worth your attention to how frequent and explosive your toddler’s tantrums really are.

Start with asking some key questions about your toddler’s behavior:

  • What’s happening physically with my toddler?
  • Are his or her emotional needs being met?
  • Are there any deeper, spiritual needs that need my attention?

Here are a few other points of guidance for these situations.

  • Remember that young children need help controlling their emotions. Your own behavior can provide a good model for how they’re supposed to behave or interact with others.
  • Time outs can be very effective methods of consequence with toddlers. Try giving your toddler a time out after he or she throws a tantrum.
  • Try to understand what’s going on under the surface with your toddler. Seek to understand the source of your toddler’s anger.

Toddler tantrums can be complex. But don’t worry, there are practical steps you can take to help navigate them. Here are more resources to help you in these parenting moments.

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