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We stand before Gen Z, who believe abortion is morally acceptable. However, as a pro-life student, I'm overwhelmed with hope.

I am a member of Generation Z, and I believe that we are the generation that will end abortion in America.

Now, I am aware that is a big statement. But, we serve a big God, and He uniquely wires young people to care for those who experience mistreatment. Pro-life students have a burning desire to see justice in our land. God cares for justice, and His acts are the purest forms of justice.

When reading through the scriptures, it is evident that God deeply values the lives of the unborn. This truth gives us the certainty that the injustice of abortion breaks God’s heart. Knowing this, we must partner with God to protect life in a world that celebrates abortion. Today, there is a generation rising up, Generation Z, that is tenaciously fighting on behalf of those who cannot fight for themselves. This generation longs to see justice roll down like waters. Of course, the obvious problem is troubling: Generation Z celebrates abortion. Recent data suggests that only 29% of Generation Z believe abortion is morally wrong.

As protectors of life, we stand before a generation hungry for justice. However, this generation regards perhaps the greatest injustice of our world, abortion, as acceptable. I understand that these statistics may be troubling to digest. However, as a member of Generation Z advocating on behalf of the vulnerable unborn, I have overwhelming hope. I believe that Christ and His powerful Spirit can change hearts and minds. So many people never believed that Roe v. Wade would be overturned, but look what God did. Today, as states enter battlegrounds over abortion access, I believe God is not done protecting life in our nation. I believe God instills a desire in Gen Z to fight for justice for a reason – a heavenly reason.

We Need You

Quote from Jess Ford about Gen Z Abortion in America

As a member of Generation Z, I am asking those who are older and wiser than us to begin pouring into our generation. We are hungry for wisdom and meaning and desire to be taught the truth. If you are a pastor or teacher, you have a unique position to speak that truth into the lives of the upcoming generation, but every Christ follower is called to make disciples. As you go and speak the truth about Christ and His heart, commit to teaching the next generation about the true injustice of abortion for women, men and the unborn.

The number of scientific and philosophical resources available that point to the value in the womb is astonishing. The science of embryology is pro-life. The ethical standards that our nation holds to are pro-life.

We stand before a generation hungry for justice and truth. Please, commit to using your voice and platform to teach the next generation about the value of life in the womb. The following steps may serve as helpful guidelines for structuring your conversations with pro-life students who desire to see justice in our land but don’t know where to start.

Begin With "Why"

If you are a parent, questions for your children are likely met with the question, “why?” This question may sound like it’s in a disrespectful or snarky tone, but the question is often valid nonetheless. The “why” behind an action will likely determine the level of effort someone places into the action. Tasks with an immense sense of importance will be met with a higher level of effort.

When you set out to teach the next generation about the sanctity of life, no matter if the young person is pro-life or pro-choice, you must begin your conversation with “why” this matters.

There is no formulaic way to describe why human life’s sanctity is so important, primarily because this issue impacts us in various ways. Most of us know people who have been impacted by abortion. Most of us understand the heart of God is pro-life. Your job is to communicate your “why” to other pro-life students and helping them see why this cause is worth fighting for.

Quote from Jess Ford about God being pro-life bible verses about pro-life students

Equip With "What"

After those you speak with understand why this issue is so meaningful, the conversation can transition to more substantive information that would lead people to protect life. 

When speaking to young Christians, incorporate scripture into your teachings about the value of life in the womb. The Word of God is alive and active, and it is sharp. God’s Word is able to cut off beliefs and assumptions that are not of Him but of the world.

When speaking to young non-Christians, use scientific and philosophical truths that serve as evidence for life in the womb and how all life deserves protection and value. To reiterate: the science of embryology is pro-life. When you communicate the science with a heart of gentleness and compassion, minds can change.

Pro-Life Student Watching

Send With "How"

When you are speaking with a group of pro-life students, you want to send them out with encouragement. Young people live in a world where the power of social media and technology encapsulates it. So, the fears of a hesitant culture influence how they speak and the substance of their speech. 

Quote from Jess Ford about God being pro-life bible verses about pro-life students

Pro-life students need encouragement to speak the truth in love fearlessly. Teach students how to communicate about the value of life in classrooms, on social media and among friend groups. The topic of abortion is far too important for young people to remain silent. The threat of rejection or losing friends will always be present when protecting life in the womb. However, those threats become less daunting when young people can communicate their views with coherency, gentleness and sincere love.

Pro-Life Students Are Vital

Although you may see a young generation that is argumentative, addicted to smartphones and perhaps headed down a road of destruction, I ask that you would see young people through the lens of Christ. They are hungry for truth, and we are starving for intergenerational relationships.

There is a beautiful opportunity to reach the next generation. It’s time to take action.

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