How Can I Help My Preschooler’s Behavior?

How can I help my child who’s having trouble adjusting to preschool?

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I’d encourage you to look beyond what happens just at school. Sometimes the key can be how your child behaves while at home around siblings, friends, or even you. In general, it’s rare for your son or daughter to simply be compliant and obedient in one setting and then act defiantly in another setting for no apparent reason.

There are a few things you can keep in mind or watch for when it comes to your preschooler’s behavior:

  • Are you consistently giving in to his or her demands? Are you allowing him or her to disobey when you try to establish rules or consequences?
  • There’s a possibility that you might be too permissive at home, so your preschooler thinks he or she can act in the same way at school.
  • Ask yourself: Am I providing a healthy balance of love and limits? In other words, are you focusing too much on unconditional love or enforcing boundaries? Achieving a healthy balance can lead to more positive behavior for your child.

Another aspect of child behavior at school is making sure mom and dad, or other authority figures, are on the same page with discipline, consequences, and boundaries. For more help on the topic of child behavior, explore our resources here.

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