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You Know You’re a Homeschool Parent When . . .

your kids don’t know the answer to, “What grade are you in?”

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your kids don’t know the answer to, “What grade are you in?”

you can take a family trip off-season and not miss out on schoolwork.

you add a new bookshelf to your collection every year.

you care more about the point of an experiment than the mess it’s making.

morning and afternoon breaks are for sibling playtime.

lunch time is family time.

snack time is part of a child’s chemistry experiment.

character matters, regardless of the academic subject.

you and your kids can read the Bible and pray during the day.

your kids are motivated to get their schoolwork done so they can play.

your kids have more time for after-school activities and friends because their schoolwork is done.

pajamas are your school uniform—for students and the teacher.

you have time to study your children, to know what they need and how best to deliver that knowledge to them.

you relearn math, history and English, and find it fascinating, as you teach these subjects to your children another adult wonders out loud what it is that you do all day, and you laugh.

“ [Your child] requires much knowledge, for the mind needs sufficient food as much as does the body.”

—Charlotte Mason

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