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public reading of scripture

Public Reading of Scripture With Your Kids

If the practice of public reading of Scripture with your family sounds good to you, you may be wondering how to get started. Well, we have a few options for you!

Mom teaching daughter to read the Bible

Teaching Your Kids to Read the Bible

Here’s an easy way to teach your kids to dive into God’s Word: show them how to R.E.A.D. the Bible!

Family praying together

An Essential Guide to Effective Prayer for Family

Prayer is an essential skill, and your kids will learn it from you as you do it together. Nothing will communicate the why and the how of prayer to your kids like seeing you pray.

reading the bible can change your life

Hey, Dads: Read the Bible, Change Your Life

God uses the Bible to speak to us, to provide guidance for how He wants us to live. But it’s more than that. Through His Word, God tells us He loves us and wants to have a relationship with us.

Connecting with Technology

Fun Ways Technology Can Connect You With Family and Friends

There are many ways you can connect with your loved ones, and those tools are right at your fingertips!

Child Doing Schoolwork from Home

How Students Can Love Their School From Home

Even when school is out, your student can still shine Christ’s light for those at their school. Here are a few practical ways students can share God’s love with their school while at home.

Faith in school can be expressed after the students sitting in classroom have free time or during appropriate assignments

Can Your Kids Bring Their Faith to School?

Did you know the majority of students in the United States spend at least six hours per day in school? That’s a lot of time, and it presents a unique challenge to Christian students who spend that time in an environment that’s completely different than …