Abortion Stories: Procuring, Coercion and Walking Out

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From taking the abortion pill to clinical abortions, from abortion worker to abortion survivor — these are real abortion stories.

Search your social media for abortion stories (#abortionstory), and you’ll find extensive lists of young women who’ve had abortions. Their stories are embellished with beautiful photos of smiling women in power poses. They claim their abortion was the best choice for them at that time in their life. But what if the power poses and pretty faces only tell half the story? 

More people are impacted by abortion than Instagram testimonials would have us believe. These stories rarely address the more challenging questions about abortion. For example, how does a post-abortive woman feel about her choice twenty years later? What about the father of the baby or the abortion worker? Does abortion have a long-lasting impact on them? Should it matter when discussing if abortion should be legal in states now that Roe v. Wade is overturned?

To better represent the variety of abortion experiences, we’ve gathered a collection of real abortion stories. These stories range from the women who sought abortions to the children who survived them. 

Abortion Pill Stories

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Imagine you’re a teenager. Your future is wide-open! The possibilities of all you can achieve are endless. That is, until you find out that you’re pregnant. You know your parents will freak out if you tell them. But your friend says there’s a pill that makes pregnancies go away. And you can take it in secret!

A website describes it as “gently removing the pregnancy tissue from your uterus.” But what the online description doesn’t tell you is that “pregnancy tissue” is a loose term for “aborted baby.”

With the abortion pill promoted like contraception, it’s easy to believe that trauma after abortion is rare. However, many of the stories we’ve found prove otherwise. After all, the abortion pill does much more than get rid of a pregnancy. An abortion pill is only successful if the life of a child is taken in the process.

As with other accounts of pregnancy loss, some women only experience light cramping or nausea after taking the abortion pill. Other women experience mental, emotional and even physical trauma. From surviving an abortion pill experience to saving their preborn child via abortion pill reversal, these are true stories.

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Clinical Abortion Stories

A young Indian woman covers her face while remembering the trauma of her abortion story.

Clinical or surgical abortions are another form of abortion. This procedure is usually performed on pregnancies that are farther along. Some women say their experiences with in-clinic abortions were fine. Others walk away with lifelong repercussions.

For this reason, we advise anyone looking to support or procure an abortion to educate themselves on all that abortion entails. There is so much more to abortion than “getting rid of a clump of cells.”

As for those who are post-abortive, we advise seeking healing before reading any further. Witnessing all that a procedure entails could be further traumatizing to someone who is post-abortive.

Below are abortion stories about real in-clinic experiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

There is hope for healing after abortion! Focus on the Family has non-judgmental and confidential resources to help support you during this time. Visit our Post-Abortive Recovery Resources or call 1-800-A-FAMILY for more information.

Abortion Stories from Workers & Doctors

A medical professional wearing a mask behind the quote from Dr. Kathy Aultman on how the truth of abortion eventually sinks in.

Imagine you work at the front desk of an abortion provider. It’s past closing time, and you’re completely alone. Suddenly, you hear the echoing cry of an infant. It’s coming from a nearby hall. Of course, it can’t be real. You’re sure of it. Everyone knows that no living child emerges from that particular hall. Eventually, you head home. You kiss your children goodnight and head to bed. But rest doesn’t come easy. As with the previous night, you dream about what goes on down the dark hall — the one where no child cries.

For some people, this is reality.

Abortion workers have stories too. And their stories are just as important as those who have procured them. Below, you’ll find various stories from former abortion workers. While some abortion workers left the industry after becoming Christians, others had on-job experiences that opened their eyes to the horrors of their profession.

Once again, these stories are honest accounts of abortion. Graphic procedures may be discussed or described. Viewer discretion is advised.

Abortion Stories from Survivors

A quote from Claire Culwell's Survivor abortion story saying, "if this is about women's rights, what were mine?"

Think back to that event in your life that changed everything. We all have one. Perhaps, you survived the unthinkable — a terrible loss, abuse or neglect. It probably established some life-long struggle you’ve had to overcome.

Hopefully, through purposeful action steps, you’ve found healing. But let’s imagine you take it one step further. What if you bravely work up the strength to share your story? You take to social media to proclaim, “there is hope!” for others like you. In addition, you throw all your efforts into raising awareness. Your hope is to prevent the same trauma from happening to other people.

But people don’t seem to pay you any mind. Instead of listening to your story, they call you a liar. Your generation meets you with the outcry, “People like you don’t exist!”

Regularly, abortion survivors are met with this very response. 

Some argue that babies stopped surviving abortions after saline abortions became obsolete. Below are a collection of interviews with abortion survivors. It’s true that some of them survived saline abortions. However, others miraculously lived through D&C or vacuum aspiration abortions. There are even accounts of children who survived the abortion pill. 

Stories of Men & Abortion

A quote from Greg Smalley about his aborted son saying, "He was real. He was a part of me."

Congrats! You’re going to be a dad! You’ve just found out your girlfriend is pregnant. It’s scary for both of you. After all, you’re both still in high school. You have no idea what the future holds, but you’re ready to do what it takes to be a good dad. You decide that joining the army is the best way to provide for your child.

In basic training, you receive a call from your girlfriend. She’s sobbing and keeps saying, “I’m sorry!” over and over. You don’t understand what’s going on. Her sobs are so deep, it sounds like her soul is crying.

Suddenly, her father’s voice comes on the line. He says he knows your secret.

“It’s gone.” He says.

The grandfather of your child coerced your girlfriend into having an abortion.

This story might seem too tragic to be real, but it’s the true abortion story of Jason Jones.

In the same way that a woman can regret their abortion decision, men can grieve their role in an abortion story. Below are abortion stories from the father’s perspective. While some men encouraged their girlfriends to have abortions, others had no voice in the abortion decision. 

Post-Abortion Stories

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Let’s take one more journey in someone else’s shoes.

Years ago, as a teenager, you had an abortion. At the time, you were alone and scared. You have no way of providing for that child, no stable home to bring it up in. So, you chose abortion. 

“It’s your choice.” they said.

“You know what best for you,” they assured you.

Eventually, you grew up. You went to college, married the man of your dreams and had more children.

Now, you watch your children play in the back yard. You’re thankful for what you have, but you can’t help but think there should be one more child here. Moreover, you fall into an annual depression, right around the time you had your abortion all those years ago. But you can’t reach out for help, can you? “After all,” you think, “what gives me the right to mourn? I chose this.”

For many men and women, their abortion decision resulted in a life-long battle with depression, grief or regret. Below are the stories of those who walked through post-abortion recovery. Thankfully, these men and women were able to find post-abortive healing. Today, they share their stories with hopes of encouraging others to choose life or find healing from their past decision.

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"Should I Get an Abortion?"

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